Questions and Answers

Job Injuries: WCC

Real life examples:

* A recent immigrant Sergey, is currently employed in a jewelry repair
shop, where he accidentally hurt himself with one of his tools. 
* Pizza delivery guy Andrey, was assaulted during one of his night shifts.
The burglars took away all the cash and physically harmed Andrey. 
* A store worker Olga, was in the process of lifting a heavy box. As a
result, she could not longer stand up straight due to all the back pain
that she was experiencing. 

What do these people have in common?

All of the three above-mentioned individuals received a different type of
injury in a working environment. According to Maryland State Law, they can
legally request Worker's Compensation Benefit. For such purpose, each
employer must have a specific insurance which covers work damages, even if
the victim was not responsible for his or her injury.


Let your lawyer fill out a special form for the government. Keep in mind
the following:

* You have a legal right to full coverage of medical assistance in regards
to that specific injury (including doctor visits, hospitals and medicine)
* If you do not have a medical insurance at the time, you have a legal
right for a medical compensation of your lost salary and compensation for
the remaining pain and other troubles associated with the injury
* If your employer does not have coverage, the government has a special
fund which will be used in providing you with necessary coverage

Frequently Asked Questions in regards to automobile accidents:

* Who will pay my medical bills?
* Who will repair my car?
* What happens if the other party does not have insurance?
* Can I rent a car? Who will pay for my rental?
* Will my credit history be affected by my medical bills?
* What happens to me if I become disabled after the accident?

Frequently Asked Questions in regards to work injury:

* Which injuries are covered by the employer?
* For how long can I receive special financial benefits due to my
unemployment after the injury?
* What should I do if I cannot perform my usual work duties after the
* How much money can I account receive while I am unemployed?
* If my injury is not entirely my fault, can I still be eligible for
financial compensation at work?
* If I cannot come back to my old employer due to my injury, do I have a
right to request help in finding a new job? Will I still get paid?
* Are there any serious law changes in regards to work injuries?
* Where can I obtain more information about my rights?
* How can I maximize my benefits in the cases of injury?

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